As a full-service agency with over fifty years in business, we can find the perfect insurance for any industry or individual. With so many insurance options out there, how can you be confident you’re getting the best coverage and price? Southpoint’s seasoned professionals use their carrier relationships to find you the right coverage every time.

What Our Full-Service Insurance Agency Can Do for You

If you need commercial business or personal insurance, we can provide it. It’s that simple.

Our Insurance Agency Stands Out

In our five decades of service to businesses and people in Illinois and nationwide, Southpoint has always stood out. As an independent insurance agency, we aren’t restricted by corporate or shareholder obligations, so we can fully focus on prioritizing our clients.

If you need affordable, comprehensive insurance solutions for your business or belongings, Southpoint can help.

Specialized Commercial Business Insurance Solutions

Our team at Southpoint loves a challenge. No matter how risky your industry is, we strive to find complete coverage that fits your budget. Over the years, we’ve perfected our insurance programs for dental professionals, oral surgeons, and IT providers.

Dental Professionals

Like other small businesses, dental practices need commercial property insurance to cover their equipment, workers’ compensation insurance to protect their employees, general liability insurance to cover their premises, and errors and omissions insurance to cover their services. But unlike other small businesses, dental professionals are more likely to encounter a client lawsuit during their career.

Plenty of things can go wrong before, during, and after a dental procedure. Aside from complications during treatment, a patient could accuse their dentist of not getting informed consent, ignoring or missing the early signs of a medical issue, or not properly administering anesthesia. Southpoint ensures your business will be safe from the financial repercussions.

Close up view of dentist explaining x-rays to patient

Oral Surgeons

It takes years to master the skills needed to become an oral surgeon, and a single serious lawsuit could put those years to waste. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons can transform or save a patient’s life through complex surgery, but they can’t guarantee every surgery will end in success. Even if they do everything by the book, patients can still suffer from anesthesia complications or be unhappy with their results.

Unfortunately, medical malpractice lawsuits are not uncommon. Oral surgeons malpractice insurance exists to cover defense and settlement costs related to a case. Southpoint knows that malpractice insurance can get expensive quickly, which is why we’ve developed a cost-effective program to protect oral surgeons and keep them in practice for years to come.

Oral surgeon viewing a patient's teeth through a scope while an assistant prepares for a procedure

Information Technology Providers

Information technology providers help businesses streamline their software, secure their data, and use technology to their advantage. However, despite an IT provider’s best efforts, they may end up selling faulty software or bad code. Because of this, IT providers need property coverage for their expensive equipment, cyber coverage for their own software systems, and professional liability coverage to pay for client lawsuits.

Southpoint knows how difficult it is to find affordable coverage as an IT provider. Luckily, we offer cost-effective insurance solutions that eliminate coverage gaps, provide comprehensive coverage, and cover lawsuit costs. With more companies shifting to virtual data storage and remote work, IT providers are in high demand. Southpoint ensures a lawsuit or property loss won’t take down your IT business.

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