Understanding the Advantages of Offering Employee Benefits Packages

Reward your employees for their hard work with a comprehensive employee benefits package.

Are high premiums keeping you from offering an employee benefits package to your employees? Learn how to lower costs while giving your employees the perks they deserve.

Not Sure What to Include in a Small Business Employee Benefits Package?

Nowadays, small business owners are facing unique challenges. The global pandemic has changed both business owners’ and their employees’ priorities and employee benefits are shifting accordingly. With many businesses experiencing salary cuts and hiring freezes, comprehensive employee benefits packages are more important than ever.

Consider your employees’ current needs when deciding what to include in your employee benefits package. Health insurance is a critical benefit right now because hospital costs are sky-high and can wipe away savings instantly. Even the healthiest employees can experience extreme illness and lingering medical issues, resulting in more employees prioritizing short and long-term disability coverage. Life insurance helps ease the financial burden of losing a loved one unexpectedly. And offering retirement benefits allows employees to focus on their future when the present is so uncertain.

Meet Our Employee Benefits Package Experts

At Southpoint, we understand that finding the right insurance for your business can turn into a full-time job. Let our benefits experts work for you—we’ll find the best quotes from top carriers, so all you have to do is choose your favorite option.

Are you worried about having the money to put towards a comprehensive employee benefits package? With premiums increasing across the board, business owners have been blindsided by high insurance costs. Southpoint can free up some extra income to put towards a comprehensive employee benefits package by streamlining your payroll, human resources, and background check practices.


As a small business owner, outsourcing your payroll and HR tasks to a third party is a great way to save money. But big companies have taken over these services and driven up the price. Southpoint knows how important it is to save money where you can, which is why we’re partnered with Mineral. Streamline your risk management, payroll, compliance, and workplace safety practices through Mineral at a fraction of their competitors’ price.


Running background checks on prospective employees is a crucial step in keeping your business safe. You may find that someone who seems perfect for your company doesn’t have the experience they claim to have. Southpoint knows that risk management is a great way to reduce your insurance costs and protect your business, which is why we partner with IntelliCorp to get you access to comprehensive background checks at a great price.

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