Who We Are

Southpoint is an award-winning, independent Illinois insurance agency with fantastic team members, first-class insurance solutions, and amazing clients.

When looking for an insurance agent, you shouldn’t have to make sacrifices. Southpoint offers excellent coverage, attentive team members, and industry expertise, all in one place.

An Agency for All

If you’re a small business owner, you may have experienced insurance agents that treat you like you’re expendable. At Southpoint, we treat every client like our only client, regardless of their insurance premium. We know that landing a big client means nothing if we don’t take care of them afterward, which is why we emphasize excellent service for all accounts.

Insurance is personal to us. Our team members believe that successful businesses are the backbone of any thriving community. By adequately insuring local businesses, we can help ensure their growth and longevity. As an Illinois-based business, we interact with our local clients both professionally and personally, and we love seeing them prosper. And even if your business is across the country, we love knowing that we can help improve the community that’s important to you.

Southpoint surrounds itself with the best team members and allies to offer the best services and products. Learn more about the people, partners, and associations that shape our success.

Our Team

The main factor that sets Southpoint apart is our team. Over the years, we’ve acquired some of the most accomplished professionals in our industry and given them room to grow. The average Southpoint team member stays with our agency for fifteen years. As a result, our clients get to work with people who know the ins and outs of their business, and they don’t have to worry about getting passed around to different representatives over the years.

Affiliate Partners

If we didn’t have insurance carrier partnerships, we wouldn’t have any products to offer our clients. Over the years, we’ve identified the top carriers for each coverage type and built strong relationships with their teams. When we hit a roadblock or need a second opinion, we have a network of underwriting experts to help us problem-solve and develop creative solutions for any issue. In turn, you can be confident that we can tackle any problem we encounter.

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Woman signing claim paperwork from her auto insurance adjustor


Insurance is a huge industry made up of hundreds of different coverages, policy types, and specialties, and there is always more to learn. The best way to get access to insurance knowledge is to partner up with other industry leaders and share our coverage expertise, which is why Southpoint is a proud member of Independent Insurance Agents of Illinois. Our agency benefits from access to a variety of insurance information and education webinars.


At Southpoint, we work hard every day to provide the best service and coverage to our clients, and the best reward is knowing that we’re making a difference in our community. However, it’s always nice to see our team get recognized as a top agency year after year by our carrier partners. Our awards are a testament to our culture and diligent team members—we wouldn’t be where we are without our dedicated insurance professionals.

Experience the Southpoint Difference

It’s one thing to read about what makes Southpoint different, but it’s another thing to experience it firsthand. Contact us and join our team of happy clients.

Exclusive Coverage Access

As a Southpoint client, you have access to exclusive coverages and products that no other agency offers. We want to address all of your coverage concerns, which is why we offer loss control services, claims management, and exclusive access to payroll and background check programs.

Our team members will do everything they can to find solutions to client problems, even if we’ve never encountered that problem before. You can trust us to find an answer to even the most challenging question. Southpoint is here to strengthen your business and make it a safer place.

Careers at Southpoint

At Southpoint, we pride ourselves on employing the most dynamic, talented team in the Chicago area, and we’re always looking for valuable new additions to our agency.

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